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CSA Wellness Initative
Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs) is a unique food distribution
system that connects a farmer with a community of eaters in order to form
a sustainable system for local food production and consumption. A CSA
consists of a community of individuals who pledge support to a farm
operation so that the farmland becomes—either legally or spiritually—the
community's farm, with the growers and consumers providing mutual
support and sharing the risks and benefits of food production.  Most CSA
farms focus on vegetables, but many provide meat, eggs, cheese,
preserves, and other farm products directly to consumers.

While CSAs are a vital foundation to a resilient farm economy, a variety of
studies also demonstrate that CSA members increase consumption and
variety of fresh fruit and vegetables. For these reasons the Lake Superior
Sustainable Farming Association has developed a CSA Wellness Initiative.

Participating Farms:

Participating Organizations:

HealthShare is a local, community-based coverage program created to
provide health coverage to uninsured employees of small businesses in
northeastern Minnesota. To qualify for the program, businesses must meet
certain eligibility requirements. HealthShare focuses on preventive care,
health education, and using health care services at the right time and in the
right place. HealthShare allow CSA’s to fulfill one wellness requirements
for HealthShare members. If you are a HealthShare member please
contact HealthShare for CSA program details.

Through this Initiative participating health insurance and health coverage
program providers offer rebates or wellness benefits to members
subscribed to participating CSA farms. Each of the participating CSA farms
criteria established by the LS-SFA.  Applications by interested CSA
farms are reviewed annually by the LS-SFA. Those meeting the criteria are
included on the list of participating farms below. Not all CSAs participate in
this program; you
can get a full list here.

If you’d like to have your health plan include CSAs as wellness initiative,
in this survey.
Chelsea Morning Farm
Lake County
Northern Harvest Farm
Carlton County
Food Farm
Carlton County
Round River Farm
Lake County
Hermit Creek Farm
Ashland County
Stone's Throw Farm
Carlton County
LaFinca CSA
Pine County